The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is a project space this is based on the idea of the “work in progress”. By sharing studio and exhibition space with the public through a store front window space, I am able to share my processes and history of my work while it’s being made. This idea is based on the concept of the term drawing - as a formal definition of mark-making, but also as technical terminology relevant to the representational world. What this space is intended for is to define and break down the term drawing and expand its meaning and potential. Looking at the form of drawing and how it’s defined, practiced and developed is what this space in its place and time, is about.

Located at 3260 23rd Street, in the Mission district in San Francisco, the intention of the space is to create dialogue, new ideas and new work within a culturally and art-rich based community where the belief and understanding that “art is life/life is art” is embedded in the ethos of the neighborhood.