Everything I make, starts here. In my sketchbook. I begin each drawing on the plane or in the car, letting the road, the ink and the movement guide the pen and ink, leaving a pathway of marks and scribbles. 

Connecting the lines and refining the marks into a composition of what could be construed as a landscape, a portrait or a super fine detail, takes over. What results is what is here. From these I use various transfer and printmaking methods to capture the essence of each of these repetitiously. across various surfaces, forming yet, another drawing. From this drawing, many different things evolve. 

This is where it all begins.... Drawing. Every piece I've made over the past 15+ years started with drawings like these, layered and connected. I use screen printing to repeat and layer these drawings on paper and wood, until the what evolves is a totally new drawing. I consider the outcome to be a story, reflecting on what is happening in my life at the time. Often times the processes that I choose to use in a piece are reminiscent of how I cope and translate my world and life.  

I consdier drawing to be cathartic and mediative. The systems and parameters within which I work are specific to my need to bring processes together for the first time and use materials in new ways, without putting restraint on what the outcome will be. The unpredictable outcome is what drives me to create and is truly where I feel the most freedom to express and explore.   

 I only draw on certain types of paper and only with a certain type of pen (Pilot Precise, Ultra Fine Tip pens in black). When I screen print, I only print in black and white. when I use the printmaking press, I use no ink, instead the pressure and weight of the press creates the lines and repeats what is carved into the plate. I use color to connect, define and expose the spaces between line and texture.